Jerusalem Leather Studio.  See examples of custom leather design & exemplary leather workmanship.

— Videos of our Leather Artwork —

Our Leather Bound books and boxes are all handmade

Every project for every customer receives the same care and attention. Here we see Shevach Black and Natalie selecting full-grain leather and ostrich skins. Every skin is inspected before being cast for a project. Color/tint and texture must be consistent over a batch of leather if it is to be used for a large project such as a 20 volume Talmud which requires 120 square feet. Great care is taken to make sure we have access to the required quantities of leather with matching visual and tactile qualities before we begin work.

We see the legendary Mr. Arkadi creating a diamond shaped inlay. The leather cover wrap is secured to the cover boards. Various masks and cutting guides are used to insure that the dimensions of the inlayed leather piece match exactly with the cut-out area in the base leather. When you run your hand over the finished surface, it it absolutely smooth to the touch. What may appear to be school glue in the video is actually a blend of various adhesives and surfactants. This combination, developed especially for The Studio provides a long working time, but then fuses with the leather's fibrous back to insure a lifetime bond.

We see Natalie as she prepares a piece of full-grain leather for the wrap around edge of a cover. This edge treatment creates extra bulk where the leather is folded down upon itself. To avoid this, Natalie uses a blade to shave down the edges of the leather to create a compact fold. What looks easy in the video is actually a very delicate operation — If too much leather is shaved off the back, the leather loses structural integrity and the piece is rendered useless.

Finally, we see Shevach as he hand-tools a decorative border with 22k gold. The brass roller has patterns around the edge. It is heated until it's hot enough to transfer the gold layer while keeping the carrier sheet intact. As Shevach works, he is unable to see the actual leather he is stamping — the roller and the gold sheet obstruct his view. Years of experience and a designer's eye help him match borders and patterns perfectly.

This video shows more examples of visual themes, styles and colors. As you watch, you will see each item has a number. Write down the numbers of the items that are appealing, and send the list to Shevach so you can discuss styles and colors for your project.