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— Custom Book Covers - Old Europe Style —

A gracious and poetic exploration of influences from the Old Worlds of Europe — Italian and French tones are notable. Antique but not old. At home in a room of marble, tile and bright sunlight, yet no stranger to homes of rich carpets and warm hearths. Deep textures and classic shapes found on these volumes reflect the architecture and mood of an era from the historic past.

Thematic colors include, but are not limited to: slate grey, pomegranate reds, deep golds and hunter greens, burgundy, cream, forest green, navy and ocher.

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A High-Quality Piece of Judaica: Classic Book Cover Design With an Old-Europe Motif

This leather siddur — prayer book — is bound in steel-black cowhide with buffalo applique overlays on the spine. The deep carved effect was created with precision underplayed cuts in 4 levels of cover boards. All hand-tooling is in 22k gold — hand tooling is the technique in which brass tools and rollers in a variety of shapes are heated and then pressed into a surface, be it leather or paper. Hand-tooling with a lot of downward pressure produces a shaped indentation. Hand-tooling with light pressure is used to make pigments or genuine gold adhere to leather or paper.

The edge color of the pages was airbrushed to match the spine color and the page edges were hand-tooled in gold as well. This design motif is based on the works of master bookbinder Stefano Orlandi, Venice, 1730. Works like this proclaim "I am hand made" — This would be classified as heirloom material.

This light tan and brown edition has gold embossing that highlights the diamond shaped underlay

This Classic Book Cover Design was Fine-Tuned to the Wonderous ArtWork Found Inside

A client brought us parchment pages created by a famous artist — I will add as a sidenote that I have seen the works of many fine artists over the years, but these folios were extraordinary. For any given project, when appropriate, it is fitting to make the cover match the style of the material to be found inside the cover — so you can judge the book by it's cover. We fulfilled that objective.

The book's first page has a diamond inside a rectangle with decorative corners, which picks up the motif of the designs on the parchment. The wrap is camel colored cowhide. On the cover is a cutout window revealing a multilayered underlay. The leather slipcase has a gently muted image of the cover art.

This book cover was created to match the wood tone and colors of the recipient's home furnishings

Leather Judaica Makes for a Sophisticated Corporate Leather Gift

I was asked to design a piece which would be gifted to a well known public figure. I was told the finished work would most probably sit prominently in the recipient's study, on a side table, and it was requested that the item radiate mature elegance for man who learns the parasha — the Torah reading, as part of his daily schedule.

To match the woodwork and furnishings in the study, each volume is bound in cognac toned full-grain leather. Inside the cover's cutout window is a green leather inlay which matches the leather on the base of the standing display slipcase. The spines of each volume are texture embossed with a newly created arabesque motif, and the spine ridges have been toned with a muted black wash. This design has an aura of prominence and timelessness.