Jerusalem Leather Studio

— Heritage Style Leather Book Covers —

Respected. Classic. Heritage style cover-designs most often feature the traditional, symmetrical rectangular lattice, tightly framing the cover or used as a broad frame for thematic artwork. Common, but not as a rule are signature appliques, golden embossing or floral embellishments in the four corners of the cover. Heritage style motifs, with a strong but understated cover designs lend itself to books of classic worth or historic importance.

Thematic color families: Tan, deep brown, turquoise and teal — Mid brown, dark brown, dark slate grey and cinnamon. Warmer and brighter tones can easily be added to create exciting contrasts and color accents. Gold stamping in genuine 22k gold is a bright, daylight gold, while stamping in genuine 24k gold has a rose-gold hue.

Many of our luxury leather books feature a classic book cover design.

A Leather Prayer Book Makes For a Fine Luxury Gift

This set of Artscroll Machzorim (holiday prayer books) was created for a client to present as a gift — today it sits in the recipient's living room as a work of art, as opposed to simply being a part of his Judaica library.

The volumes and the display case are covered in hand polished buffalo skin. Though its a tough creature in the wild, the buffalo's skin from its upper back is soft and supple to the touch. It's a pleasure to hold. The deep blue and beige leathers are a fresh color combination not commonly seen in bound volumes.

The page edges have been airbrushed in several fresh blue tones and hand-tooled in 22k gold with a scatter of hand-tooled leaves. The spines have beige colored full-grain leather onlays — a throwback to earlier motifs in binding, which contrasts effectively with the more modern treatment used for the standing box's pyramid base.

We use a combination of full grain leather and buffalo leather

A Leather Prayer Book Can Serve as Inspiration

A client asked me to create a design for a siddur - the daily prayer book. He wanted a mature look that somehow suggests "breaking through" to inspire him in his prayers. The gentle curves of the cover's inlayed and underplayed center area breaks through the cover design and completes the visual metaphor, adding charm to the traditional design. The era of this motif can be placed typically in the past 300 years.

The siddur is bound in steel black full-grain leather with a garnet red buffalo skin inlay — note the difference in the grain between the black leather and buffalo skin center. The borders are hand rolled in 22k and 24k gold. The page edges are airbrushed with a two-tone graduated color wash and hand tooled in 22k gold with a layer of black tooling beneath it, which adds dimension and clarity. The book has gold tooled leather headbands at both ends of the spine and a matching leather bookmarker. The slipcase is covered in garnet buffalo skin and dark grey binding cloth. The gold tooling and rolled lines match the cover of the book, while the endpapers inside match the garnet and black motif

The Talmud on the bookshelf is the mark of a Jewish home

Custom Leather Books, Such as a Heritage Style Talmud are Popular Luxury Gift Choices

Having a set of the Talmud in the home has been a hallmark of Jewish tradition for hundreds of years. It is one of the first gifts a new bride and groom receive after their wedding. The Talmud on the bookshelf clearly states that all facets of life it the home depend on Jewish tradition.

The spines of this Heritage style Shas (Talmud Bavli) have two garnet red onlays. The color is not simply stamped or painted on — we must reduce the thickness of the leather onlay untill it is paper thin and then further reduce the edges so that the seam will not be apparent and it will remain for a lifetime. The spine hubs are decorated with 22k and 24k gold with centerpieces matching the front covers which are inlayed with garnet leather as well. On each spine there is also a small round onlay — the number of each volume is tastefully placed inside the gold design. The covers have four hand rolled borders in 22k and 24k genuine gold.