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— Etrog Boxes in Luxury Leathers —

This etrog box is one of our many high quality custom leather items. A fine piece of leather Judaica.

This Etrog Holder is a High Quality Piece of Leather Judaica

Shevach Black's signature wave design celebrates the times, tides and rythms of life.

Shevach explains: "Gently curved lines are formed by the box's opening and by the raised bolster just below. As the eye follows the curves we are reminded of the presence of waves throughout nature. In the aquatic realm we experience the motion of the waves against the shore, as well as the returning, reassuring presence of eventide. And in the plants and trees, we see repeating patterns in the way branches sprout from branches, and in the periodic rotation of the petals on a flower. We see the life cycle itself. Seeds grow into trees, which sprout fruits with yet more seeds inside".

"I love the water and am an avid sport sailor. In nature there is harmony and flowing lines as well as the strong power of natural forces. We live in this harmonious balance that the Almighty created. I have used my Iconic original design with size variations for megilla cases and jewelry boxes.

Our Etrog Box is available in any combination of full-grain leather or buffalo skin

A beautiful luxury gift in leather and silver

"The wave design as implemented in this etrog box presents a pleasing face forward. I use the wave design in a variety of items but I think the meaning of waves as a concept is most clearly expressed through the etrog box — a container to hold the fruit of a tree, which itself has seeds inside, to produce more trees, which in turn will grow more fruit. This cycle which returns upon itself, is itself a repeating wave."

Available in any combination of full-grain leather or buffalo skin, the inlayed and undercut top is embellished with our trademark 925 silver crown, rhodium plated to prevent any form of tarnish and caries a capucion cut garnet for show. The silver legs compliment the crown above.