Jerusalem Leather Studio

— Contemporary Styles of Leather Bound Books —

For every project there are myriad design options. The Jerusalem Studio's craftsmen are in tune with every motif, from a standard binding using unique hues to an eclectic pastiche of colors, textures, fantastic images and forms.

For some of our contemporary designs, our clients give specific design & color requests. For other projects our clients rely on Shevach Black and his artisans to design and execute according to their understanding and artistic interpretation.

Thematic colors: The mid-century's pallette of natural tones and suburban pastel shades are common. Simpler patterns and long lines are a visual theme. These neutral expanses can be accented with pops of primary colors, and adventurous combinations of colors, textures and unexpected accent appliques are often placed to create a personal touch.

Sculptured Designs Are Common in Luxury Style Jewish Book Covers

Sculptured covers are often requested for Siddurim and Tehillim — books of prayer and psalms. They require careful cutting of multiple layers of cover boards to build up a total height of about 1cm. At the center of the diamond underlay is a 925 silver ornament with a mirror polished onyx stone set in the crown. As a side note, we plate all our silver ornamentation with rhodium, which prevents any sort of tarnishing.

Leather Bound books are popular Birthday gifts

Artscroll's Stone Chumash was embellished for a client who wanted a fresh color scheme. Lierre green buffalo skin creates a harmonic contrast with the whisky colored buffalo skin on the cover's overlay and the spine. Sienna and pink tones are airbrushed on the page edges. The slipcover box is created with only 3 coverboards — it collapses and serves to hold the book in reading postion.

The cover and spine are hand-tooled in 22k gold.

This is a popular stock item which can be made to order in any color combination.

This guestbook is one of our many high quality leather products -- Featuring a custom leather book cover.

A Leather Guestbook — One of Our Many High Quality Leather Products

Our leather guestbook design is available for ordering in any size, shape or format. We use Sundance felt finish acid-free paper with archival properties — it will never yellow. All pages are hand-sewn. The book opens flat and stays open whether on the first page or the last.

The guestbook can be made in any color, with any spectral emphasis in the herringbone inlayed area. It can be seen that in this version, the color emphasis is on teal blue, with other complimentary colors added. The cover and inside pages can be personalized in any way.

This version is made of black cowhide, with 160 inlayed pieces of buffalo leather in chromatic tones. The spine has 6 onlayed buffalo leather applications. 22k hand-tooling adds accents on the cover, spine and page edges, with leather headbands and a leather bookmark. The cover boards are 4.5mm thick.

This Siddur is One of Our More Extraordinary Jewish Book Covers

This is the Artscroll Siddur embellished with leather overlays, inlays and and a 3 step underplayed center.

This is a traditional design, but the client's choice of colors swings it into the extraordinary.