Jerusalem Leather Studio

About Shevach Black and
the Jerusalem Leather Studio

"I view my creativity as applied art using aesthetics and industrial design to craft unique functional art creations. My soul sings and my art brings me pleasure, as I share my happiness with other people through my exuberant designs"

Masterpieces of art and beauty are now available to suit your taste or for gifting and presentations. The photographs on this site represent a small sampling of our projects, design motifs and color schemes. We are currently preparing a downloadable catalog showing our full line as well as various special projects we have created over the years.

Any combination of fine leathers & skins, colors, formats and design motifs can be combined for your project.
This handmade leather book cover and box is an example of the high quality leather art created at the Jerusalem Leather Studio.
Please call toll-free or send Shevach Black an email describing your project. He is expert at bringing projects of all sorts from concept to completion.


Shevach Black: "With a background in cabinet making, I developed a love of woodworking. By the time I was sixteen, I had created a complete wood shop that occupied my parent's two-car garage in Natick, Massachusetts".

"There, I built furniture and other items for the home. It was challenging but exciting to work with beautiful hardwoods, as well as exotics such as Ebony, Amboynas Burl, Quilted Sapele, and Thuya Burl. I was especially skilled at joinery - the precision craft of cutting woods to interlock cleanly without gaps. The small jewelry boxes I crafted were my first experience in working on perfection for the sake of the craft".

Gold embossing is one of the decorative embellishments available "When I discovered leather work, it opened a new dimension for creative potential. It was a worthy endeavor. Worthy of my dedication. Worthy of my heart. And I am grateful that my clients appreciate my craft and appreciate the work that goes in to creating projects that are worthy of their consideration".

Apprentice to the Masters:
Learning the Art of Creating Luxury Leather Gifts

"I started working with leather art 20 years ago. I was apprenticed by several master bookbinders who shared the knowledge they received from the previous generation. I learned about materials, techniques, working with clients and organizing projects. But mostly, I learned about dedication. Dedication to the craft along with dedication to the client's desires for the project. In business "the client is always right" — in artistic projects that means it is the job of the artisan to bring the client's vision to higher and higher levels of perfection".

Great Books Deserve a Luxury Leather Treatment

There are several reasons that people choose royal treatment for books:

  • to own a new book that has the visceral power to inspire
  • to take its place on the home bookshelf, as a home furnishing
  • to honor a book with sentimental or historic value
  • to preserve a book with intrinsic monetary value
  • to preserve a book with personal notes written inside
  • to preserve a book once owned by an honored person or relative
  • to give a gift that will become a family heirloom
  • to give a gift that will stand out and reflect favorably on the giver
For all these reasons, it is fitting and admirable to carefully plan a book project — and I have been fortunate enough to guide and assist the most wonderful group of clients with their book projects for the past 20 years.

Planning a Handmade Book Cover Project

Admittedly, there are so many styles, motifs, types of leather and colors available, deciding on the best design for a luxury leather book project can be daunting. We ask our clients to look at photographs of our past projects and to consider:
  • Which books were appealing?
  • Which books styles were not appealing?
  • Which color themes were attractive?
  • Which decorative embellishments were attractive?
This video highlights 120 projects. Each one has a reference number so you can make a list of the book projects you liked. Call us or send us an email with your list so we can begin the design process together.

The Process of Creating Handmade Book Covers &
Other Luxury Leather Items

Whether we work together by phone and email, or whether you visit us in our Jerusalem studio, the process is the same: We create a project outline, we create a list of preferred styles and colors, and we create a timetable for the various stages of production and for final delivery.

The client can expect to receive frequent emails showing the status of their project. At times the client may be shown several design options and be asked to decide which is more attractive or interesting.

Through email connection even our clients in America, Europe, Australia, Russia and Canada remain thoroughly excited through the whole process — and as a result appreciate their object d'art even more.

Shevach Black and his family live in the city of Beitar Illit located just outside Jerusalem in the Judean Hills. He and his wife Dinah are the happy parents of eight children ranging from 7-26 years old. Dinah has a degree in fine art, practices art therapy, and gives inspiration and direction to the family and to Shevach's ever-developing creativity and success — as a craftsman and as an artist.

Shevach enjoys learning with the children and spending quality time hiking, camping and sailing catamarans on the Kinneret and small yachts on the Mediterranean.